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Finally: OSX on a PC!
But it still has a long, long way to go . . .

CO-EXISTING! Here's OSX on a humble 2.4G Celeron, 256 RAM, with XP Pro (as I checked out My Forums on Delphiforums in the background)

Well, it's still slow, but is getting much better since it was launched in May, though it's still not ready for primetime. In fact there have been no developments for months. But for emulation addicts who had given up the ghost of ever seeing it happen, it's a miracle!

Two 23-year-old computer students from Aachen -- Sebastian Biallas and Stefan Weyergraf -- Germany spend 18 months writing the code.

They warned that PearPC was only a version 0.1 release and is still very experimental. By their admission, it is incomplete, unstable and painfully slow -- running about 500 times slower than the host system. But it's up to Version 3 now, with a 4 Preview available in November 2004 and it's getting better all the time.

It's gone from worse to bad, now running about only 10 times slower. :-) Just kidding. As the NY Times critic wrote of an elephant's singing debut at Carnegie Hall:

"The news is not that she sang so badly, but that she could sing at all . . . "

It is "not meant for productive use," the pair caution on the site. "Don't use it on important data, it WILL destroy them sooner or later!"

"We think we can make it bearable to work with Mac OS X on a high-end PC," Weyergraf said. Well, after only six months t IS now bearable!

Stay tuned for updates at http://pearpc.sourceforge.net/index.html and join the discussion here.

Go here for an excellent and just-posted HOWTO.

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