Toronto, 2005

Alcoholics Anonymous, Without the Religion
       From the New York Times

A.A. at the Crossroads: The 1995 New Yorker essay

TIME Salutes a Man of the Century

What you didn't know about the Serenity Prayer

Get a Grip on Stress with the Serenity Prayer

The 12 Steps and their biblical roots


Bill W. and Mr. Wilson: Rather than depicting Bill W. as divinely appointed, this controversial book presents a complex picture of a real human being.

My Name Is Bill
Bill Wilson's Life and the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous, by Susan Cheever

THE SERENITY PRAYER: Faith and Politics in Times of Peace and War
Elisabeth Sifton, Reinholt Niebuhr's daughter, separates fact from faction about her father's famous prayer.


 The Disease Concept of Alcoholism

Your Brain on Alcohol: 1
U.S. News & World Report May 7, 2001

Your Brain on Alcohol: 2
BusinessWeek April 11, 2005

'I'm Too Old to Do This Again

Jennifer O'Neill finds inner peace

Ivan the Terrible's Guide to Living

 God, Einstein and Relativity  Physicists Square Off Over God

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